Tuesday, November 17, 2020

It's been ...

The last 'gathering' was march 13th. My grandma's funeral,  in case you wonder. I was late. Long drive,  muddied with delays.  I was already in a flare,  so the 2.5 hr drive was torturous. Arrived late, sat down, ten minutes later,  it was over. 💔 Got back in the car for the return ride home.  Threw up all the way home.  (Sorry, Sam, for that memory) Never really processed the loss.  I'm just now realizing. 😢
Since that day,  there's been nothing.  I haven't seen my dad face to face since the funeral. He's over 70. I don't know when it'll be safe to see him.  
Gatherings are no longer.  
March 13: My son closed on his first home.  I've yet to see it. 
My baby turned 18. Zero fanfare. 
My firstborn turned 30.
 We last saw one another Christmas '19. 
*Mothers Day and my Birthday
*My baby graduates high school,  without ever returning from spring break in early March. Zero fanfare. 
 Daughter turns 29
My son's wedding was supposed to be in October.  It's now going to be next year. 

 We're now approaching yet another 'holiday' that won't be celebrated as in the past.  
No wonder I feel this way.