Friday, January 25, 2019

oops. I did it again...

Slipped yester~eve, around 5pm. Getting back into truck after visiting ATM. Right foot on runner, left foot up in truck. Right  foot slips completely off of runner, hits ground, continues pulling me into splits. Hanging onto seatbelt strap. Regain footing, ripping pain on right side. hip/low back. muscle throbs immediately. Get home, pace for about 45 minutes because I could not fathom lifting my leg to climb onto my bed. Began icing as soon as I lay down, knees propped up... 20 minutes on ice, 40 off. Repeat as necessary. Smoked about 4 puffs before even attempting to lay down. Thankful for cannabis to help take off the edge, but I'm immediately aware that I'm going to be dealing with pain levels of 8, even AFTER cannabis, for however long this hangs on. 
The night was long, and painsomnia is REAL people. This morning I tried my Epsom and essential oils soak in the tub. It was not very pleasant. But I had to try. When I got up this morning, (notice I didn't say when I "woke") I noted right away that although my "injury" was on the right side, I'm now feeling it all of the LEFT side. (experience hints that my left side pulled to "correct" the tweak from my slip, because my back is in a spasm on the left.)
I'm holding my breath and "puffing" a lot. I used to be oblivious to that behavior until it was pointed out. Today, it's annoyingly obvious. Coping mechanisms are strange. I was new ones. After my replacement body arrives. Then I'll work on my quirks.
I'm nervous. Who knows whether "this" will be the time it cannot resolve without medical intervention. Now. First time without insurance since President Obama's plan saved me. Now effective 12/31, boom! No household income, no benefits. And, here. Wipe out, hurt your back...Welcome to 2019 in America.

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