Sunday, January 27, 2019

Consistency can be a Challenge with Chronic Illnesses

I'm trying to make posting a more consistent thing. Struggling because every time I decide I'm well enough to blog, my chatty mind begins to ramble, making it appear any attempted post would end up several thousand meaningless words, thrown up in an attempt to be "worth" being read, which leads to no post at all. Reality tells me 3 words are as important as 300, and nobody really needs to read the words for my feelings to be valid. This is about purging thoughts rather than hanging onto them. Part of my life now, going forward, is about just expressing it and being able to move on. 
So.... here are some pics I took this week. Every morning, I open the drapes to let in natural lighting, then I watch the bird feeder traffic for a while, as my body wakes and whines itself back to upright. 
This is some of what I get to see...

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