Thursday, September 20, 2018


Have you ever had a toxic relationship with someone, and considered yourself the 'victim'? Or, you cringe every time someone opens their mouth, as you've become Pavlov conditioned to do, simply because they don't have the same opinions as you?
Have you ever thought about that relationship from a completely different perspective?
Try this:
Imagine that EVERY negative 'rub' involved in that relationship was seeded with something YOU did or said, and every word they say, or don't say, now, is a REACTION, or response to what you, in fact, had begun. Even if you INSIST they "started it" .... just pretend it's your fault. Maybe for over a decade, you've allowed a relationship to deteriorate. You're SURE you are the victim. What if you're not. Now what do you do? I recently decided to view a changed relationship as though I was never the victim, but THEY were. I'm astounded at how much I now "get" their improper behaviors. I'm stunned, really. And now I feel as though it's my responsibility to get this "out there" ...
I will elaborate on the subject as soon as I have the energy to put my thoughts into words. Nap time. Now enjoy this lil cutie creeping across my hand, while I rest.

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