Wednesday, March 30, 2016

HBO shines again...

I just watched the HBO special about James Foley. It was an in-depth look at this man, I found it a bit difficult to hear his family, obviously still deeply grieving, tell about how this man eventually sold all of his belongings because he was seemingly richer without them, this man, living in a single room, a cell, with several others, for months, not knowing what's next. Not knowing what time, what day, what month, it is/was. Worrying about the men he was with, never selfish. Even in  this scenario, where he didn't know what was next. Ever. There was a full YEAR of captivity before the family even got proof of life. I cannot imagine the agony. How does one even put one foot in front of another, move through the actions of  day-to-day living, while a year passes, waiting to know WHO has kidnapped your son/brother/friend.... although the movie left me sick to my stomach, and with great heartache, it was EXPERTLY done. I was captivated throughout. I felt renewed agony over the loss of my own brother, which is holding ME captive. I can't seem to accept the things that have happened, although logically I'm aware there's no way to change the details. They are here to stay. I am left alone, to live with the gory details, deal with the fact it was the son he created who turned on him, and took his life in the most cowardly way possible. I wrestle with my own angry thoughts about my nephew, now serving a life sentence with zero chance of parole. His life is essentially over. The difference is this: He can still see his mother, his brother, his grandparents, any friends he may have left, but I am unable to ever see or speak to my brother again. I never got to say goodbye properly. There will likely never be real closure. My nephew will never fully understand what he has done to the people left behind. He wasn't mature enough to 'get' how evil this act was. I imagine he still sits and thinks "oh, well..." No different than the terrorists that took the life of this man, James Foley, a man who never looked toward himself, but to others. Just like my brother, Richard. 
It's so true, but why? Why do the good guys get taken way too soon? 
Watch this documentary, it's heartbreaking, but you'll find that you need to know the details, gory as they might be. Prayers to those he left behind....

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