Monday, February 29, 2016

Book Review for The Doorkeepers by by Graham Masterton ~ Great Read

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Julia uses England as a place to run from her past. Her family, in America, hasn’t has contact in almost a year. One day, her mutilated body is found. The authorities contact her brother, Jake, who immediately drops everything and goes to England, searching for answers.
It appears that his sister was employed by a company that no longer exists. Her home was at an address that hasn’t existed since WWII.
His search is aided by a psychic, who introduces him to a parallel world, which he enters through a door that should never be opened. Of course, once it is, Jake must keep fighting for answers, and fighting to keep himself, and those around him, including his significant other, alive.

I began the book with eyes wide open, there was enough going on to keep my mind spinning. I only had time to read this book at bedtime, which means bedtime was extended almost every night, as the book was quite difficult to put down. In my case, close the Kindle case, but you get it.
As I got about ¾ through the book, the mood shifted somehow. It was as though there were limited characters remaining and the author wasn’t allowed more. The story was rushed somehow, and details were condensed, the story incomplete somehow.
The ending was good, and as a whole, I enjoyed the tale very much. I’m quite fussy about what I read, in fact, if it doesn’t “grab” me in the first chapter, maybe two, I’m on to other things. I was rapt until just about the end, then I felt a bit of disappointment with the way the chapters were written. Then ending answered the BIG question about Julia’s disappearance and death, but many details, such as what became of other characters, left untold.
Take a chance and read this book. It draws an amazing picture of the possibility of parallel worlds, and the evil within...

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